-Kaitlin Johnson JTR 13 and under Purebred  - 3rd place, and JTR Select champ 3rd place 

​SAAHA Tuscon Sept 11-13,2015

Scottsdale 2017 

Kaitlin Johnson - HA Western Pleasure JTR Top 10 , and HA Western Pleasure JTR Select Top 10 on MJD CSolid Gold 

Maddie Gill- PB Sport Horse JTR  Top 10 

Region 7 show results

Kylee Johnson- Reserve Champ on Khabarnet PB WP JOTR 13 and under, Top 5 Hunt Seat Equitation 13 and under ,Top 5 HA CEP JOTR 13 and under on DE Flash Nthe Nite,Top 5 Hunter Pleasure PB JOTR 13 and under on L Hidalgo Da Vinci

Kaitlin Johnson- Top 5 HA CEP 14-18 JOTR on DE Flash Nthe Nite, Unanimous Champ WP PB JOTR 14-18 , and Reserve Champ PB WP and Reserve Champ in PB WP JTR Choice/Elite rider on Khabarnet, Unanimous Champ HA WP JTR 18 and under and Reserve Champ HA WP JTR 18 and under Choice/Elite rider on MJD CSolid Gold

John Elliott- Top 5 HA CEP Driving on DE Flash Nthe Nite, Top 5 HA CEP Junior horse on Affirey Jewel, Champion with HA yearling geldings with Gazsimels Romeo.Top 5 PB English Pl on QH Encore.

Lisa Diedrich- Preshow-1st place HA WP AATR Select rider , 1st place HA WP AATR Choice/Elite rider ,3rd place HA WP AATR Champ on Romeos Sweet Melody. Top 5 in HA WP AAOTR 36-54 on Romeos Sweet Melody. Reserve Champ HA Geldings in hand Saddle type ATH.

Madison Gill-Reserve champ PB Sport horse JTR , Champion PB Sport horse dressage type ,Top 5 PB Sport horse AOTR , Top 5 PB Sport horse Hunter Type ATR with Silver Gent.

Waverly Collison- Preshow- PB English Pl JTR 18 and under-1st place, PB English Pl ATR Champ- 3rd  place on QH Encore. Top 5 PB English Pl JOTR 18 and under , Top 5 PB English Pl JTR 18 and under on QH Encore.

-Kaitlin Johnson 1st place in HA Costume ATR  on DE Flash Nthe Nite, also Reserve champ in HA Country English Pl 18 and under.

-Kaitlin Johnson Reserve champ in Hunter Pleasure 18 and under on L Hidalgo Da vinci

​​​​​ACC Show Nov 6-8th , 2015

Show results 

Carousel March 11-13,2016

-Kaitlin Johnson -5th place in JOTR Hunter Pleasure, and 5th place in JTR on Luxor ORA. Western Pleasure JTR 13 and under- 3rd place on Mikhail Storm. 

ASHOW4U  April 25-27 ,2016

 Maddie Gill on Mikhail Storm Hunt seat equ 14-18 3rd,Hunt seat medal 6th,Hunter Pl JTR 6th

-Wverly Collison on TAA Rockets Red glare Hunt seat equitation 13 and under 5th , Hunt seat medal 3rd , Hunter pleasure JTR – 8th pl, Hunter pleasure JTR Champ-5th

-Caryn Arling on Affirey Jewel-  HA Country Pl Select rider 2nd and HA County Pleasure AAOTR- 4th , Reserve champ HA Country Pl ATR
-Kylee Johnson on L Hidalgo Da Vinci- Hunt seat equitation 2nd  and Hunt seat medal 6th
-Leah Hendrickson on Khabarnet - West Pl JTR 18 and under- 1st  and Horsemanship 5th , and 8th , West Pl JTR Reserve champ.
-John Elliott- West Pl open 2nd  on Khabarnet  and HA Country Pl Junior horse 2nd on Affirey Jewel
Regional 7  2016
​-Maddie Gill on Silver Gent- JTR Champ and ATR Champ in Sport horse under saddle
-Kaitlin Johnson on DE Flash N the Nite –Top 5 in HA Country Pleasure JOTR 18 and under
-John Elliott on Affirey Jewel - Reserve Champ in HA Country English Pleasure Junior horse
-Leah Hendrickson on Khabarnet- Top 5 in Western Pl JTR 18 and under, and Reserve Champ in Hunt seat Equitation 13 and under. 

-Madison Gill- 1st place in Hunter Pleasure 14-18 Equitation on Silver Gent also 

Sport horse JTR 1st place 

-Jo Stewart- Western Pleasure AAOTR 40 and over- 3rd place. , and AATR 40 and over- 2nd place on TAA Rockets Red Glare

Western Pleasure Open - Mikhail Storm- 2nd place 

ACC Show 2016

Kaitlin Johnson on L Hidalgo Da Vinci- Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR 14-18 Champion Region 7 and Reserve Champion on Region 2

Kylee Johnson on L Hidalgo Da Vinci- Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR 13 & Under  Reserve Champion on Region 2 and Region 7

Madison Gill & Kaitlin Johnson  with Silver Gent  - First Pl in Liberty

Leah Hendrickson & Waverly Collison with Afires Encore- Second  Pl in Liberty 

SAAHA 2017 Show results

Waverly Collison- Western Pleasure Equitation champion ATR . HA Western Pleasure ATR Champion, HA Western Pleasure JTR Champion  on MJD CSolid Gold

Kaitlin Johnson- PB Hunter Pleasure JTR 1st place on Luxor ORA. PB Western Pleasure JOTR Champion , PB Western Pleasure JTR Champion , PB Western Pleasure ATR Champion on Khabarnet . Reserve Champion PB Hunter Pleasure Open on L Hidalgo Da Vinci

Kylee Johnson  - Hunt seat Equitation Champion on Khabarnet.  PB Western Pleasure JTR 1st place on Khabarnet.  PB Hunter Pleasure JTR Reserve Champion and PB Hunter Pleasure JOTR Reserve Champion on L Hidalgo Da Vinci.

Madison Gill- PB Sport Horse ATR 1st place and PB Sport Horse JTR Reserve Champion on Silver Gent . PB Hunter Pleasure JOTR 4th place on Silver Gent

John Elliott- PB Hunter Pleasure Gentleman to ride 2nd place on L Hidalgo Da Vinci . HA Western Pleasure Open 3rd place on MJD CSolid Gold .PB Western Pleasure Junior Horse 2nd place on Dana Belize . HA CEP Junior horse 1st place and Reserve Champion on Affirey Jewel.

Lilly Alsever-  PB Country English Pleasure JTR 3nd place. PB Country English Pleasure ATR 2nd place. PB Country English Pleasure JOTR 3rd place on TC Fanci Chips.

Caryn Arling - HA Country English Pleasure ATR Select Rider 3rd place.  HA Country English Pleasure ATR Championship 5th place. .

​​December Classic Dec 3-6, 2015

-Kylee Johnson- 3rd place in Walk/Trot Country Pleasure, 4th place in Saddle seat equitation on DE Flash Nthe Nite.

Western Pleasure Walk/Trot- 5th place and Western Pleasure W/T Equitation- 2nd place on Mikhail Storm

- Waverly Collison 1st pl in Hunt seat Equitation, and Champ in Hunt Pl 18 and under on TAA Rockets Red Glare

December classic 2016  show results

Kylee Johnson- Hunt seat Equitation 13 and under- Champion ,  Hunt Seat Equitation Championship 18 and under – Champion ,  Hunt seat Medal 18 and under- 3rd place on Khabarnet.  PB Western Pleasure JTR Reserve Champion ,PB Western Pleasure  JOTR 13 and under Reserve Champion  , PB Western Pleasure JOTR 18 and Under Reserve Champion , Western Pleasure Equitation 13 and under 2nd place ,PB Western Pl JTR 18 and under Reserve Champion  with Khabarnet  .HA Country English Pl JOTR 13 and Under  Champion on DE Flash NThe Nite.  PB Hunter Pleasure JOTR 13 and under Champion on  L Hidalgo Da Vinci .

John Elliott- PB English Pleasure Open- Champion on QH Encore. HA Country English Pl Junior Horse  Champion  and HA Costume Open Champion on Affirey Jewel . HA Western Pleasure Gentleman to ride - 1st place on MJD CSolid Gold.  PB Hunter Pl Gentleman to ride on Afires Encore- 2nd place.PB Western Pleasure Futurity Champion on Dana Belize 

Madison Gill- Reserve Champ in PB Sport Horse JTR and Reserve Champ in PB Sport Horse Open on Silver Gent.

Waverly Collison- Champion in PB English Pleasure JTR 18 and under on QH Encore

Kaitlin Johnson-HA Western Pleasure JTR 18 and under Champion on MJD CSolid Gold.  PB Western Pl JOTR 14-18 3rd place ,PB Western Pl  JTR Championship  3rd place, PB Western Pleasure JTR 14-18 3rd place on Luxor ORA . HA Costume ATR Reserve Champion with DE Flash NThe Nite.

Leah Hendrickson- PB Hunter Pl JTR 13 and under  Reserve Champ and PB Hunter Pl JOTR 13 and Under 3rd place on Afires Encore.  Showmanship 13 and under  1st place with Khabarnet

Lisa Diedrich  – HA Western Pleasure  Select rider 2nd place , HA Western Pleasure  Select rider  AATR Reserve Champion , HA  AAOTR  Western Pleasure 40 and over Championship 3rd place on Romeos Sweet Melody.

Suzy Myers- Reserve Champ in PB Western Pleasure Snaffle Bit Futurity ATR with Dana Belize

-Kylee Johnson 3rd place in Hunt Seat Equitation 18 and under, and 2nd place in Hunt seat Medal  on L Hidalgo Da vinci

-John Elliott - 2nd place in Hunter Pleasure Futurity on Affirey Jewel.

Western Pleasure Open 2nd place on Mikahail Storm.

Western Pleasure Open 3rd place on TAA Rockets Red Glare

​​-Madison Gill- Champion in  AATR Purebred  Sport horse under saddle,  3rd Place in Purebred  Hunter Pleasure JTR 18 and under  Championship, 2nd place in Hunt seat  Equitation.

-Avery Reed 4th place  JTR HA 18 and under  championship, 3rd place in HA  JOTR 18 and under championship and 4th place in Hunt seat Equitation  . 

- Kylee Johnson 4th place in Walk/Trot Pleasure and Reserve champ in Walk/Trot Equitation.

-Kaitlin Johnson 2nd place in JTR Purebred 18 and under champ, and Champion in JOTR Hunter pleasure . Kaitlin and John also received 1st place in the Proam


- Leah Hendrickson 1st pl in Hunt Seat medal 18 and under, 4th pl in Hunter Pl 18 and under on Khabarnet

Saguaro Classic 2017 Show results

Kailtin Johnson- HA Western Pleasure JTR Champion with MJD CSolid Gold, PB Hunter Pleasure JOTR 14-18 Champion with Luxor ORA. Reserve Champion  PB Hunter Pleasure Open with  Luxor ORA.

Kylee Johnson - HA Country English JTR Champion with  DE Flash NThe Nite

Jackie Wischerman- Reserve Champ with DE Flash NThe Nite  HA Country Pleasure Driving.

Caryn Arling- Champion  HA Country English Pleasure AAOTR with  Affirey Jewel. Reserve Champ  HA Country English Pleasure Select rider

Leah Hendrickson- Champion  Hunter Pleasure Equitation, and Champion JTR Medal with  Afires Encore. Champion  Hunter Pleasure JTR 14-18 with  Afires Encore

Suzy Myers- Reserve Champ  Western Pleasure Junior horse with  Dana Belize and Reserve Champion AAOTR Western Pleasure with Dana Belize 

John Elliott- Reserve champ HA Country Pleasure driving with DE Flash NThe Nite. Reserve Champ HA Western Pleasure Open with MJD CSolid Gold. Champion with  Affirey Jewel  HA Country English Pleasure Junior horse . Reserve Champion  Purebred Geldings in hand with Luxor ORA.

-Caryn Arling- 3rd place in the AATR select Hunter Pleasure on Affirey Jewel

SAAHA Sept 8-11. 2016

Madison Gill-1st pl Hunt Seat Medal JTR 18 and under, 1st pl PB Sport horse JTR Sport horse Championship, 2nd pl Sport Horse Open Championship , 1st Pl PB Sport horse ATR Championship  on Silver Gent

Kaitlin Johnson- 1st  pl PB Western Pleasure  18 and under  JOTR , 1st pl PB Western Equitation  18 and under , 1st pl  JTR PB  Western Pleasure  18 and under  Championship on Khabarnet.  1st pl HA Costume Championship  and 4th pl HA Country English 18 and under on DE Flash NThe Nite.

Kylee Johnson- 1st pl Hunter Equitation 13 and under  , and 3rd pl Hunt Seat Medal JTR 18 and under  on Khabarnet

Waverly Collison- 1st pl  PB English Pleasure JTR 18 and under Championship , and 1st pl PB English Pleasure open Championship on QH Encore

John Elliott- 1st pl PB English Pleasure  on QH Encore,  1st pl  HA Country English Pleasure Junior horse, and  2nd pl  HA Country English  Open Pleasure on Affirey Jewel,  1st pl PB Sport horse Show hack Championship on Silver Gent